Lam Tai Fai College
Lam Tai Fai College


ATV's News Magazine 亞視 <時事追擊> visited Lam Tai Fai College to investigate how the school becomes a cradle for elite athletes

S5 Nicholas Edward Choi

Special thanks to ATV for the permission to upload the video clip


To prepare our students effectively for meeting the demands of our rapidly developing knowledge-based society and the challenges of the launch of 334 new academic structure, a New Learning and Activity Complex has been built.


林大輝中學    劍指學界盟主
In a short period of 5 years, LTFC Fencing Team emerged as the Champion of the Champions. What has been achieved is not only the nurturing of promising fencers but also in the launch of LTFC Fencing Flagship. (News Report at Oriental Daily on April 23, 2010)