Lam Tai Fai College

The Incorporated Management Committee of Lam Tai Fai College was established on 16th July, 2009, taking over the governance and management of Lam Tai Fai College from the School Management Committee which was established in August 2004. Our distinguished Incorporated Management Committee consists of respectable academics and professionals who receive excellent reputation in their fields and in the society. Our Managers actively participate in school development and are devoted to nurturing cultured and all-round 'perfect' individuals of the 21st century. Its members contribute to the school by applying their professionalism to different aspects of school affairs such as giving guiding principles to school policies, serving as guest lecturers and advising on school curriculum, classroom teaching and other school affairs.

The Incorporated Management Committee of Lam Tai Fai College
Supervisor:林大輝博士太平紳士 (Dr. Lam Tai Fai, GBS, JP)
Deputy Supervisor:范錦平太平紳士 (Mr. John Fan Kam Ping, BBS, JP)
Member:衛炳江教授 (Professor Alexander Wai Ping Kong, JP)
Member:鍾伯光教授 (Professor Chung Pak Kwong)
Member:黃錦輝教授 (Professor Wong Kam Fai)
Member:李大拔教授 (Professor Albert Lee)
Member:區偉文教授 (Professor Raymond Au Wai Man)
Member:王振邦先生 (Mr. Alex Wong Chun Bong, FCCA FCPA FTIHK FCA)
Member:黃廣威先生 (Mr. Raymond Wong Kwong Wai)
Member:姚柏良先生 (Mr. Perry Yiu Pak Leung)
Ex-Officio Manager: 郭劍輝校長 (Mr. Kwok Kim Fai)
Teacher Manager:郭鈞漢老師 (Mr. Kwok Kwan Hon)
Parent Manager:苗延平女士 (Ms. Jenny Miu Yin Ping)
Alumni Manager:歐倩瑩女士 (Ms. Au Sin Ying)