Lam Tai Fai College

Our warmest congratulations to our alumna, Ebisutani Yuka

Congratulations to our alumna, Ebisutani Yuka has won Award for Special Talents in the To Hear with Love Scholarship Program. By joining the scholarship program, Ebisutani's outstanding achievements in art is fully recognized.

To promote the importance of hearing health and encourage the public to show more care and concern towards the hearing impaired community, To Hear with Love Charity Concert 2011, organised byOtic Foundation, was successfully held on 6th August, 2011. In an effort to support the creation of a barrier-free and inclusive environment for the hearing impaired community, a generous donor has donated $380,000 in exchange for Ebisutani's artwork.

20111004AppleDailyT(Source: Apple Daily 4th October, 2011)