Lam Tai Fai College

In an exhilarating showdown of fists and tenacity, the Shoot Boxing 2023 Young Caesar Cup Central Act.1 unfolded on August 27 in Tokyo, Japan. Among the standout performers was Heung Tsz Hei, Heyden, a dedicated student at LTFC, who emerged as a true champion.

Heung's performance was nothing short of extraordinary. He secured the inaugural Hong Kong Shoot Boxing Men's 65kg championship belt with a decisive victory over Chan Pak Ho, delivering a knockout punch in the second round. His remarkable achievement is a testament to Heung's incredible talent and the supportive environment fostered at LTFC.

We take immense pride in Heung's achievement and reaffirms our commitment to providing unwavering support as students strive to excel in various sporting events.

Photo & Source: (SportsRoad體路)