Lam Tai Fai College

Alumni YEUNG Chi Ka, The Bronze Medalist at the 14th National Games of China

YEUNG Chi Ka, LTFC alumni, has finally been given the opportunity to shine, as he and his teammates just won bronze in the men’s team foil at the National Games.

In fact, this isn't his first victory. He and his teammates took home the gold medal back in the 2013 Asian Games. Despite of his achievements, he didn’t gain much media attention at the time. Yet, he wasn’t discouraged and continued to prove himself to be a great fencer.

As YEUNG says, ‘Give your absolute best in everything that you do, whether you believe you have the ability or not.’ He has taught us that instead of wishing to be like someone else, we should all work hard to write our own stories and create our own success.

(Source: HK01 - 全運花劍摘銅|香港隊裏 他不是張家朗 卻是我們要記住的名字)






(來源: HK01 - 全運花劍摘銅|香港隊裏 他不是張家朗 卻是我們要記住的名字)