Lam Tai Fai College

We believe English and Putonghua are the gateway to the world and they are powerful tools for work and study. We therefore strive to maximize students' exposure to the two languages in order that they will become trilingual in English, Cantonese and Putonghua, and biliterate in English and Chinese.

Small group teaching is initiated in regular Chinese Language and English Language lessons in order that students can actively participate in learning activities that they perceive as meaningful and attainable. Learning tasks designed are also aligned with students' abilities, skills and different learning styles to allow them greater sense of achievement and success.

To further enhance our students' English and Putonghua proficiency, some of our junior secondary Chinese Language classes are taught in Putonghua, and regular Language Arts lessons are conducted by native speakers of English in small groups.

The school also provides an authentic language environment through the English Café, Putonghua World and a wide variety of outside class English and Putonghua activities held during lunch and after school such as daily English and Putonghua lunch activities, Mid-autumn Festival Activity, Halloween Drama, scrabble competition and Easter Eggs Hunt.

Besides, our morning assemblies, weekly assemblies, daily announcements and school activities are mainly conducted in English and Putonghua to allow students maximum exposure to both languages.

Students are also encouraged to read extensively to improve their language proficiency. With the implementation of e-Learning in Junior Secondary, students are more motivated to read e-books, e-news and e-readers.