Lam Tai Fai College

Aesthetic Values in LTFC Offer A Key ---
Flagship of an Innovative Approach to Technology & Living,
An Arena for Budding Artists,

An Institution of Aesthetic Potentials &
A Cradle of Promising Talent

Lam Tai Fai College places a high premium on aesthetic teaching in creating all-round quality students who give their best. As the first secondary school having Creative Fashion Design (CFD) as one of our students’ Focus Learning Areas, we have developed among our students good knowledge in arts & design as well as strong inclination & natural talent in artistic & aesthetic development. Without doubt, LTFC is the flagship of the new NSS elective subject, Technology & Living, which is taught in a creative, innovative and integrative context by establishing a close link between LTFC’s formal school curriculum and the school-based Extended Curriculum. By putting Fashion, Clothing & Textile as the core module, LTFC builds on strengths. The rationale and conceptual framework of the subject in LTFC was clearly portrayed in the news report made by Takungpao as shown below.

Whether in Technology & Living lessons, arts lessons, fashion design workshop, catwalk, fashion show, arts elite programme students are expected to strive to bring out the best

In Technology & Living, we emphasize experimental learning and essential learning experience. Students are enable to widen their horizon and broaden their skill-base through the exposure to aesthetic training and appreciation. Through reflective approach portfolio learning, students are also given the opportunities to establish a set of positive values towards self-discipline & self-regulation, communication & collaboration, adversity management and life appreciation, personal achievement and accomplishment for social betterment. The macro vision of Technology & Living in LTFC is to develop students quality of life while the long term vision is to be an arena for budding artists, an institution to develop aesthetic potentials and a cradle of promising talents.