Lam Tai Fai College

owerDiscover Design 2009 Unleash Creativity Arouse Sensations
設計體驗營2009 創意新天地 動感新旅程

Discover Design 2009, organised by Hong Kong Design Centre, was a 2-week programme which aimed at providing opportunities for youth to broaden their horizon and discover their interest in design. 3 S6 VA students of Lam Tai College, Lam Chun Yin, Chiu Yuen Kiu and Wong Cheuk Ying, were selected among all senior secondary school students to take part in this most sought-after event. The programme was varied with a wide repertoire of activities which included workshops, talk with famous local designers, community visit, presentation and exhibition. The excitement was overwhelming and the feedback was marvelous. In the programme, a video was produced by the participants --- the young artists of tomorrow. One of our students, Lam Chun Yin was featured in the video which can be downloaded from

本校中七學生趙菀喬、林晉彥和黃卓盈三位同學在暑期7月18日至8月1日獲邀參加由香港設計中心舉辦的「設計體驗營2009」/ Discover Design 活動。設計體驗營2009」的學習活動內容豐富多樣,包括:

  1. 「設計基本步」工作坊
  2. 「設計遊」及「文化遊」
  3. 「走訪創意達人」
  4. 「設計大道」升學進修介紹
  5. 「設計點生活」專題講座
  6. 「集體設計日」