Lam Tai Fai College

Lecture - To Be Yourself: Subculture Groups and Their Dressing Language
By Miranda Tsu

Miranda Tsui is a fashion designer and an artist specializing in trend analysis, branding, fashion history and lifestyle products. Having graduated from Loyal College of Art, London , she worked as a fashion consultant in England, Italy and Hong Kong and was a professor in School of Design, Polytechnic University. Now she is the product development director responsible for designing and developing new lines in Peninsula Knitters Limited.

She is interested in all kinds of art and contemporary design activities. Her artworks have been exhibited at the international Art Biennales and she is also a founding member of HABITUS, a local art space.

The lecture was presented in the format of a visual dialogue to our Creative Fashion Design Students about historical fashion phenomena. Students learned not only the historical dress symbols but also the meanings behind them. As Miranda said, "the styles of subculture 'speak' about the values or aspirations of the cult and its followers."

Miranda also shared her experience in artistic production, through which students appreciated the ways of finding creative ideas and enjoyment in daily life.