Lam Tai Fai College

54 Polytechnic fashion design postgraduates visited our school and gave a design workshop to our Creative Fashion Design students on 2nd December, 2005. Sponsored by Lam Tai Fai Charitable Foundation Fund for their postgraduate studies in Hong Kong Polytechnic University, they are fashion design experts and are working in the top universities in mainland China including Tsinghua University, Beijing Institute of Clothing Technology as professors and senior lecturers. They were invited by our school supervisor Mr Lam Tai Fai to share their valuable experiences with our students.

The design workshop was a one-on-one format. One guest teacher tutored one CFD student. They discussed a project named "The Wardrobe of Yau Mai Tei". At the moment, students were doing the design part and looking for advisors. The workshop was just the right time for them. 4 representatives of CFD students presented their research to the guest teachers in Putonghua first. Then they started the one hour face- to-face consultation. Students produced their design drafts and explained their ideas to the teachers. The guest teachers presented their suggestions and imparted relevant knowledge to our students. They also arranged a 15- minute Q&A session. One 5A2 student, CHAN Man Ting, asked Xiao Wen Ling, vice-chair of the Textile and Fashion Design Department of Tsinghua University the gateway for Hong Kong fashion design students to enter Tsinghua University.

Three awards were created to stimulate students' study. There were 「Best of Creativity」, 「Best of Colour Application」 and 「Best of fashion Silhouette Application」. 5 teachers from 5 different universities formed the panel of judges. The list of awardees is as below:

Best of Creativity
Group No Class No Name
Group 18 4GS 6 CHENG, Chin Tung
  4GS 20 TAM, Tsz Pui
  4S1 16 NG, Ka Wai
Group 20 4S2 4 CHIN, Ho Yi
  4S2 10 HO, Sze Nga
  4S2 11 IP, Tsz Shan
Best of Colour Application
Group 5 5A 2 3 CHAN, Man Ting
  5A 2 4 CHAU, Wai Sze
Group 14 4A 1 23 YEUNG, Oi Ki
  4A 1 10 KWOK, Ming Hin
  4GS 4 CHAN, Wing Yan
Best of Fashion Silhouette Application
Group 3 5A 2 10 KWONG, Tsz Wai
  5A 1 20 SHUM, Oi Yuk Ivy
Group 16 4GS 17 LI, Hiu Chung
  4A 2 4 CHEUNG, Si Ho
  4A 2 3 CHEUNG, Heman

One of the awardees, YEUNG, Oi Ki said "Through this workshop, I have learnt how to use colour in design. The one-on-one and face-to-face consultation was really a rare opportunity for us." The students solved their design problems through the workshop and they were greatly inspired by this event.

* "The Wardrobe of Yau Mai Tei" is a fashion design exhibition and will be held in "Shanghai Street Art Space" on 29 th of June to 19 of July 2006. The exhibition was invited by Hong Kong Institute of Education and was sponsored by Hong Kong Arts Development Council. Our CFD students will provide all the design work.