Lam Tai Fai College

Installation of 5 Bicycle Electricity Generators at School

With the funding provided by the Environmental Campaign Committee and Environment and Conservation Fund, our school has recently purchased and installed five bicycle electricity generators and an energy storage system in October 2014.

The details of the Environmental Education and Community Action Project are shown below:

Project number: MW0909
Amount of funding: HK$54,000
Amount paid by school: HK$12,000 
Items installed: 5 bicycle electricity generators and an energy storage system
Date of installation: October 2014
Aim of the project : To promote the awareness of using renewable energy among students

We would like to express our great appreciation to the Environmental Campaign Committee and the Environment and Conservation Fund for their support in this project.

本校獲「環境及自然保育基金」及「環保運動委員會」批出環保教育和社區參與項目(小型工程項目)資助,推行「單車發電系統」計劃(計劃編號 MW0909),工程總撥款額為港幣54,000元,學校另撥款港幣 12,000 元,購買發電單車共五台及儲電裝置。

計劃旨在鼓勵學生身體力行,將踏健身單車的機械能轉化成電能,供應電能給電腦及手機等使用。透過這項計劃,讓學生認識再生能源,並提升節能意識。五台發電單車及儲電裝置於 2014 年10 月購入,並在2014-2016 年度推行單車活動。本校師生對「環境及自然保育基金」及「環保運動委員會」的贊助深感謝意,特此鳴謝!

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5 bicycle electricity generators 發電單車5部

Energy storage system 蓄電箱1部

A student helper showed how to use bicycle electricity generator in School Information Day at 8th November 2014.

The energy generated can be used to charge a smart phone.

The information of electricity generated was shown on a screen.