Lam Tai Fai College

A Radio Interview about LTFC by Metro Music Digital

Miss Chan Wing Yin, the English Language KLA Convenor, Mr. Luk Chi Shing and Mr. Yip Chun Hing, Physical Education teachers, and two LTFC alumni were invited to the Radio Programme《點唱學園》to talk about the school facilities, an upcoming basketball skills exchange programme with a mainland CBA basketball team and the school-based Physical Education curriculum.

The live interviews have been aired from 21:00-22:00 in four consecutive evenings, starting from 21 October 2013 onwards. Please click the following link to listen to the interviews:

Metro Interview: 21 October 2013 - Part 1

Metro Interview: 22 October 2013 - Part 2

Metro Interview: 23 October 2013 - Part 3

Metro Interview: 24 October 2013 - Part 4