Lam Tai Fai College

Speech Day 2012

Every scene on 11th May 2012 will remain forever on minds of our SS3 and S7 graduates. For graduates who are excited to come back to school to attend the Speech Day, it was a warm reunion to share the cherished moment with their parents, schoolmates and teachers, to enjoy the fruits of their hard work throughout years and to turn a new page of their lives.

We deeply thank Mr. Michael Wong Sui Wah, our School Manager, for accepting to be the officiating guest of the Speech Day. We also thank Professor Wong Kam Fai, our School Manager and Executive Committee member of Parent-Teacher Association for their presence. The Ceremony started with the words of welcome by Mr. Michael Wong who commented that the school is moving in the right directions in providing a multi-faceted educational experience for our students at Lam Tai Fai College.

Certificates were presented to all graduates and representatives of the graduates delivered the vote of thanks. The Speech Day ended with a sign of love and care as graduates gave flowers to their mothers in expressing their love and thanksgivings for their efforts throughout these years.

Mr. Michael Wong Sui Wah, our School Manager, presenting certificates to Representatives of SS3 and S7 Graduates.

Graduates receiving certificates from Professor Wong Kam Fai, our School Manager.

Ms. Yau, the PTA Chairlady and Mr. Wong, our Principal presenting Conduct Awards and Services Awards.

Graduate Representatives delivering the Vote of Thanks on behalf of all SS3 &S7 graduates and presenting souvenirs to Mr. Wong.

Mr. Wong presenting souvenirs to Mr. Michael Wong Sui Wah, Professor Wong Kam Fai and Ms. Yau for their presence as guests of Speech Day.
Memories recalled in a photo slideshow of graduates' life in Lam Tai Fai College.
Graduates giving flowers to their mothers expressing their love and gratitude to them.
We wish all graduates will remember always what you have learned in Lam Tai Fai College and make your own contributions to the society in future.