Lam Tai Fai College

We are proud to announce that YEUNG Cham Hei (S6B), WONG Ching Kei (S6D), HON Pui Yi (S4B), LAM Wang Chuen (S2B), CHOI Ho Wang (S2D) have been awarded the 1st runner-up and Gold Prize in the 5th UWEE Louvre Internation Art Exhibition "ONE WORLD.ONE FUTURE" respectively.

The 5th UWEE Louvre Internation Art Exhibition "ONE WORLD.ONE FUTURE", co-organized by the British art and education group and the international Gifted Education and Art Association, aims to eliminate regional differences and enable more people to participate equally in artistic creation. It conveys a beautiful wish for peace and prosperity to the world. Every artwork has the right to be seen because we all share the same world and the same future. "ONEWORLD·ONE FUTURE."

Five of our students' artworks were selected out of over one thousand submissions by the organizers, and were showcased in an exhibition at the Delorme Hall in the Louvre Museum, France. In this exhibition, students are granted the chance to showcase their artworks alongside globally acclaimed artists, receiving recognition and admiration from audiences around the world. Besides, student HON Pui Yi was further invited to attend the award ceremony at the Louvre Museum in France.

恭喜本校優秀的視覺藝術科學生在第五届 UWEE 「同一個世界.同一個夢想」羅浮宮國際藝術展中榮獲亞軍及金獎。

楊湛希(S6B)、王靖萁(S6D)、項珮爾(S4B)、林泓川(S2B)、蔡灝宏 (S2D)。

由UWEE歐美亞教育聯盟主辦的「羅浮宮國際藝術展」旨在消除地域差異,讓更多人平等參與藝術創作,向世界傳達和平共榮的美好願望,每幅作品都有被看到的權利,因為我們共同擁有同一個世界·同一個未來,"ONEWORLD·ONE FUTURE"。