Lam Tai Fai College

Staff development day 2023-2024

On March 15, LTFC organized yet another enriching staff development day, offering a unique opportunity for our staff to explore Nansha in Guangzhou. Distinguished by its blend of technological advancements and cultural heritage, this one-day excursion generated great excitement among our principal and teachers.

Our first destination was the GAC Technology Museum, a captivating venue that showcased both conceptual and practical inventions. Through a comprehensive introduction, we gained insights into the country's remarkable development and its visionary aspirations for the future.

Following that, we embarked on a visit to the historical Dajiao Mountain Forts, where we delved into the profound historical significance of this landmark. The experience provided us with a deeper appreciation for the rich heritage of our nation.

Lastly, we had the privilege to explore the recently opened Coco Park in Nansha. This vibrant location allowed us to witness firsthand the dynamic evolution of our culture and our nation. The engaging and educational activities throughout the day ensured that our staff members absorbed valuable knowledge and embraced the exciting journey of our nation's progress.

Overall, the staff development day proved to be a fruitful and enlightening experience for all participants, fostering a deeper connection with our cultural roots while embracing the advancements that shape our future.