Lam Tai Fai College

19th Athletics Meet

The 19th Athletics Meet at LTFC was a remarkable success. Students and teachers came together to showcase their exceptional athletic abilities, creating a captivating atmosphere throughout the two-day event.

Competitions in various track and field events were closely contested, as seasoned athletes met promising new talent. In the end, the Red House emerged as the overall champions, displaying remarkable skills and teamwork. Additionally, the Blue House claimed victory in the Cheerleading Competition, leaving the audience in awe with their impressive routines.

The event concluded with a special celebration, commemorating our school's 20th Anniversary. Distinguished guests, our principal, esteemed teachers, devoted parents, and enthusiastic students, gathered to participate in a symbolic activity. Guiding six sizable balls to the finish line, this gesture symbolized our school's unwavering commitment to progress and excellence.

The 19th Athletics Meet left all participants impressed and fulfilled, underscoring LTFC's dedication to nurturing students' holistic development and unlocking their untapped potential.