Lam Tai Fai College

TechTalks: Alumni Spotlight on Innovation

Our school's Alumni Association and Innovation and Technology Department recently organized a highly successful sharing session on Innovation and Technology. The event brought together students from Secondary 3, Secondary 5, and Secondary 6.

The session featured the accomplished alumna Ms. Tsang Hau Yee, a renowned fashion designer and graduate of our school's Class of 2013. Ms. Cheung captivated the audience with her firsthand experiences of integrating innovative technology into her business operations. She showcased how cutting-edge tools have transformed design, production, and material selection, enabling her to thrive in the fiercely competitive fashion industry.

Additionally, Mr. Wang Pak Hin, an esteemed alumnus who graduated in 2020 and is currently in his fourth year at university and the founder of a local tech startup, shared his profound insights on driving technological advancements and the significance of innovation across diverse fields.

Both alumni speakers generously shared personal anecdotes and invaluable strategies for overcoming challenges while staying true to oneself. They emphasized the importance of collaborating with global talents to propel the future development of the local tech industry.

This impactful sharing session made a lasting impression on our students, igniting their creative aspirations and inspiring them to explore the boundless opportunities that lie ahead.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Ms. Tsang Hau Yee and Mr. Wang Pak Hin for their invaluable contributions to this enlightening event. We eagerly look forward to future opportunities that foster our students' passion for innovation and technology.