Lam Tai Fai College

LTFC Launches New Creative Workshops for Gifted Students

The Learning Support Department at LTFC has launched an exciting new series of enrichment workshops aimed at nurturing creativity and artistic talent among gifted students. The inaugural Latte Art Workshop brought our students together in a collaborative and meaningful learning experience.

As part of LTFC's 20th anniversary celebrations, the two-session workshop challenged participants to flex their technical skills and think outside the box. Under the guidance of peer mentors, students spent time perfecting latte art techniques to create beautiful coffee designs. They showcased an array of intricate patterns that displayed passion and attention to detail.

Beyond developing artistic talents, the workshop also aimed to foster a sense of community. Students enjoyed presenting their latte art creations to guests, complete with homemade biscuits. The event embodied LTFC's dedication to nurturing well-rounded growth through innovative programs.