Lam Tai Fai College

The First Staff Development Day

The First Staff Development Day of Lam Tai Fai College was held successfully on the 20th of October 2023 at the Learning Hub in M+ Museum. Our teaching team had immersed themselves into an artistic ambiance amid a myriad of contemporary artworks.

As a lead-in to the activities, teachers wrote their instinctive thoughts about an assigned artwork, which symbolises a specific personal trait, on a sketchbook. Teachers were then divided into groups and led by customised exhibition guides to view the M+ collection from a new perspective. The activity encouraged the teaching team to reflect on their perceptions and embrace new experiences that lie ahead.

Afterwards, Mr. Lam Kin Choi, a renowned Hong Kong artist, instructed our staff to make a monoprint. Each staff member enjoyed the liberating process of freeing up drawing and demonstrated their creativity in their work. The event concluded with the hope that the activity had nurtured the teachers' multi-perspective thinking and inspired a future integration of creativity into their teaching approach.