Lam Tai Fai College

Dalian Delegates Explore LTFC Campus

LTFC was honored to receive a distinguished delegation from Dalian, China on October 27th. Led by Vice Chairman of Dalian Municipal CPPCC, Chen Guo-gui, and Deputy Minister of the Dalian Municipal Committee's United Front Work Department, Zhao Ye, our visitors embarked on an insightful tour of our campus.

The group, including prominent figures such as Qiu Xiao-suo, Member of the Dalian Municipal CPPCC, and Deng Shu-ping, Inspector at the Dalian Financial Development Bureau, expressed great admiration for our state-of-the-art facilities. Their tour began with visits to the indoor heated pool, the new annex, and the open court, followed by the gymnasium. Subsequently, our guests visited the Cafeteria & Activities Centre, the I&T Centre, the Learning Resources Centre, the Hall, and the Chinese Culture Centre. The visit culminated in a tour of the Fashion Centre, where our students' artistic creations flourish.

LTFC eagerly looks forward to future collaborative ventures with the city of Dalian, building upon the positive experience shared during this visit.