Lam Tai Fai College

LTFC Directors and Alumni Sharing Event: Life Planning: Embracing Opportunities and Overcoming Challenges

Can life be planned? Our esteemed IMC Member, Hon. Perry Yiu Pak-leung, and alumnus Mr. Cheng Chun-Hin, Roy, were joined by Dr. Lam Tai-Fai, the school supervisor, Principal Kwok, Vice-Principal Ng, and Director Choi at the Fan Kam Ping Hall. They shared their valuable insights on the opportunities and challenges involved in career planning. Miss Au Sin-Ying, the Alumni Association Chairperson, moderated the discussion segment.

Mr. Yao, formerly the Head of the Physical Education Department at our college, expressed his respect for Supervisor Lam's perspectives and the cultivation of sports talents. He emphasised the significance of gratefulness, encouraging students to set high standards for themselves and carve their unique paths based on determination and passion for sports.

Roy Cheng, currently a registered sports therapist, fitness coach of the Resources Capital Football Club, and the founder of the Athlete Hub, shared his journey of transitioning to a full-time canoe and dragon boat athlete during Form 4, achieving outstanding results. Acknowledging the mental struggle of athletes during the selection of elective subjects in Form 3, he advised students to approach decisions optimistically and to be even more composed and calm while making important decisions. Chairperson Au echoed his sentiments, highlighting the importance of considering personal interests when selecting elective subjects.

The audience showed their gratitude to the distinguished guests with enthusiastic applause. They felt inspired by the remarkable life journeys of Supervisor Yao and Mr. Roy Cheng, leading them to reflect on their paths and gain valuable insights.