Lam Tai Fai College

M+ Museum Visiting

On 11 May, a handful of selected students were given a chance to visit the M+ Museum, which was proven an extraordinary experience, especially for those interested in pursuing a career in arts and design. Through this activity, students broaden their horizon by grasping a glimpse of the art representations created in different eras, which provides insight and inspiration for students to decide their future path. The following are some feedback from our students.

1D 04 CHAN Lok Ching 陳樂澄
I love all artworks that make us to think the meaning behind them. Each of us can have different interpretation of the same artwork which is really worthwhile to share and explore. I have always love philosophy and things around our daily life. Being at M+ today had given me a new perspective for art appreciation. Thanks teachers for providing this opportunity to us.

1D 11 HON Winky 韓惠喬

1D 18 LAW Wai Ting 羅慧婷

1D 24 SAHIN Daphne Eylul 李杺𣾷
It was quite a good experience considering it is my first time being here at M+ museum. I love all the artworks here! I love the on-site art appreciation and discussion about the artworks which give me lots of ideas for my own art making at home and school.