Lam Tai Fai College

2021 English Week

Last week, the sound of the 3rd recess bell brought excitement to students as it signalled the start of the English Week activities. The English Week was held from 4 May to 11 May this year. A variety of fun activities were organised during the 3rd recess on different floors to encourage students to use English in spontaneous and interactive ways. They enjoyed playing the fast-paced games, Sentence Thrower and Sentence Snap, which challenged their coordination and memory. Aside from this, students dedicated songs to their friends and teachers. English Week MC, Ng Tsz Ying Natalie from 1C, hosted the Song Dedication and announced the students' messages of appreciation. Another activity highlighted English Literature. The biographies of five notable authors were displayed for students to read and learn about the authors' lives and publications. During the reading period, S1 and S2 students got the chance to read an excerpt from one author's work with the guidance of the school librarian.

Prior to English Week, an inter-class bookmark design competition was launched to draw students' attention to some of life's beautiful quotes which can instil a positive life attitude. The most outstanding bookmarks were displayed for the entire school to enjoy and be inspired. Congratulations to the students who won prizes! Well done, students!

2021年度英語週 推動英語互動