Lam Tai Fai College

Cultivating the Sense of Environmental Protection Technology - Solar Panels in action

Lam Tai Fai College has long been widely-known of our aspiration to nurture our students to become future pillars in society, especially in the Innovative Technology discipline. To be an example for our pupils, our school demonstrates our foresight in incorporating renewable energy sources in our school premises. On the roof of our academic building, we have installed solar panels for generating electricity.

Having Innovative Technology as one of the key learning areas, the school has been putting the emphasis on technology and aiming to sparkle and sustain students’ burning enthusiasm in the exploration of knowledge and investigation in technological and scientific areas. Among an array of policies, schemes and activities offered to students, the installation of solar panels is only the tip of an iceberg. Our school will definitely continue taking up the responsibility to facilitate the development of our future generation.

校園增設太陽能板 培養學生環保科技意識