Lam Tai Fai College

AI Chatbot Wins Merit

LTFC is a unique school not only strive for academic excellence but also motivate students to excel in their studies. Our school put great emphasis on students' development in Sports, Fashion Design, Health Education and Innovative Technology. Nowadays, technology plays such an important role in our daily lives. Innovative Technology has become an advantageous part of our curriculum. Students in our school are often encouraged to use technology creatively and we guided them to make their wildest ideas into reality.

In 2020, students were able to put their genius minds and technology skills to the test in the CUHK Jockey Club Future Project: Secondary School Think and Create Competition. In this competition, participants were asked to make use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create something functional for daily use.

In this competition, competitors ZHUANG Zixian and LAU Kin Hang from 2E class designed a conversational AI chatbot that is integrated into Facebook Messenger. This chatbot plays an important role in assisting Facebook Messenger users to rapidly receive crucial and accurate news and information about COVID-19. With Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) AI algorithms, the conversational AI chatbot can not only learn, analyse, and understand human language, but also can get underneath the meanings of words mentioned in the user input by using text analysis. This means that keywords and sentiment are extracted in the process, making it easier to solve problems people face when trying to find accurate and relevant news and information about COVID-19.

This exceptional invention of ZHUANG Zixian and LAU Kin Hang won Merit place in the competition. The students' hard work and effort are greatly appreciated by the school, and we are sure their creation will contribute to the public and be of great help to many in the ongoing pandemic. Congratulations to Zixian and Kin Hang!