Lam Tai Fai College

Interhouse PUBG E-Sports Competition

Due to Covid-19 pandemic, schools have been suspended and students can only have lessons online. All extracurricular activities have been cancelled and students rarely have the chance to interact with each other during this period. To cope with quarantine stress and allow interaction among students, the Red House and the Student Union held the Inter-house PUBG E-Sports Competition on 17th and 18th December 2020 for junior and senior forms respectively. The competition was held online and there was a live broadcast, so even if students who didn’t participate could still watch their fellow schoolmates compete.
The competition was a huge success with 139 students participated and they all enjoyed it very much. Students were able to have fun and cooperate with teammates from the same house while being safe and sound at home.


The above are the winners from each house in different forms. Congratulations to all the winners and we would like to take this opportunity to encourage students to participate in the upcoming events organised by the Student Union and the four houses.