Lam Tai Fai College

S6 student Ho Ngo Yu awarded Outstanding Youth Leadership Award (傑出青年領袖獎)

6C Ho Ngo Yu was presented the leadership award in the 7th Sha Tin District Outstanding Youth Leadership Scheme (第七屆沙田區傑出青年領袖計劃).

The scheme was organised by "Love In Society", an organisation aspiring to foster adolescents’ spiritual development and encourage youngsters to contribute to society. Realising that the current education system being too examination-oriented, the organisation launches different campaigns and activities in order to unleash students’ potential in non-academic aspects. They uphold the belief that all teenagers deserve opportunities to glow in the city, regardless of their academic performance.

It is undoubtedly true that only by understanding people of different backgrounds and lending them helping hands can we fully integrate ourselves into the community. Let’s hope that Ngo Yu’s positive personalities and virtues can be widely promoted in LTFC and hopefully reach the city dwellers in Hong Kong.