Lam Tai Fai College

Students Inauguration Ceremony

Martin Luther King Jr. once said, 'Life's most persistent and urgent question is, "What are you doing for others?"'Immersed in an empathetic and harmonious environment, our students are nurtured with the heart to serve and are willing to take the initiative to lead a helping hand to others. The Student Leader Inauguration Ceremony took place on 6th November signified a new beginning and kicked start the new term of office of our student leaders. After the ceremony, the Principal also delivered his expectation to the leaders. May the noble qualities of being supportive and altruistic pass to the budding student leaders in junior forms.

As the bridge between the school and the students, Student Union liaise between two parties to enhance communication. This year, to maximise students' participation and open up opportunity to more students to serve their peers, the school adopt a new election procedure which requires representatives from classes of S2-5 to take part in the election. Willing to serve the school and their schoolmates, students from different classes nominated themselves for the election, whereas some candidates were recommended by their classmates and teachers for greater responsibility. Students elected will become a member of the cabinet of the coming Student Union.

The election took place on 22 October and the committee members elected are as follows:
S2: 2A LAM Ho Fai, 2D LO Wing Sum
S3: 3A LAM Wai Fong, 3D CHAN Sze Ching
S4: 4A MA Man Tik Matthew, 4A WONG Wing Long, 4C FUNG Chuk Fai Jeffrey, 4C NG Kai Hin
S5: 5B CHAN Chak Wing, 5C LIU Chin, 5C LIU Ling Feng, 5D LO Pak Yin, 5D SO Tsun, 5D YIU Wun Hei

It was great to see how some students seized the opportunity to serve others and took the initiative to participate in the election. At the same time, the election allows all students to exercise their rights and practice being a responsible citizen by casting their votes.

Once again, congratulations to the students above and wish every student a fruitful and joyful year ahead!