Lam Tai Fai College

「Mat6 Gwai1 Yun4 Jyu2」– A Solo Exhibition by our LTFC Visual Art graduate Debe Sham

We proudly introduce 「Mat6 Gwai1 Yun4 Jyu2」 – A Solo Exhibition by our LTFC Visual Art graduate Debe Sham. The solo exhibition aims to epitomize the artist's residency experience in the USA and to share the outcome of her research and experience in Yale University with Hong Kong audience.

Our current S4 VA students guided by Debe visited the exhibition on 19th Octorber, 2018. To support Debe and our VA students, our Principle Mr. Tam Yat Yuk, Deputy Principal Ms. Ng Ming Yin, Erika, Assistant Principal Dr. Lee Ching May, Mimi and Visual Art panel head Ms. Camille Wang joined us at the exhibition site. Students had an on-site learning experience with Debe. They were amazed by Debe's artwork. After the warm discussion with the artist, they got deeper understanding about modern art. Our students have definitely inspired by Debe's learning journal and achievements.

Short biographies of the Debe:

Debe Sham graduated from Lam Tai Fai College in 2008. Debe is a sculptor and an interdisciplinary artist, usually works with metal and glass. The performative sculptures and site-specific installations she has developed in the past several years have grown out of the artistic exploration of the role of public art. Specifically, she has focused on interactivity as a means of generating dialogue between art and its audience; the ambiguity of interpersonal communication in different social situations; and the history and culture of toys, games and playgrounds.

Debe Sham graduated from the Hong Kong Baptist University in Visual Arts (B.A. 2011 & M.A. 2013). She then has taught as a visiting artist at the Department of Visual Studies, Hong Kong Lingnan University. Debe has joined the Academy of Visual Arts, HKBU as a part-time lecturer since January 2016. She received the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (New York) Yale-China Art Fellowship 2017 and served as a research scholar at Yale University (U.S.A.). Currently, she is based in Hong Kong and joined the Department of Fine Arts in the Chinese University of Hong Kong as a part-time lecturer. 

「Mat6 Gwai1 Yun4 Jyu2」 presents the findings of the research-based art project that the artist developed in New Haven, USA and aiming to create an artistic dialogue with Hong Kong audiences. To support Debe, please come to the exhibition.