Lam Tai Fai College

STEM event “Race For The Line”

A STEM event “Race For The Line” was held on October 19, 2018 for our Secondary Three students. During the event, students learned how the structure and the body design of a sports car could reduce the air resistance, and understood some principles of Physics such as using spoilers and vertical stabilizers to make the car more stable and safe when driving. Using the knowledge they had just acquired, students designed a streamlined sports car body with an iPad App “Wind Tunnel”. Later, students in a group of four made their sports cars according to their design. They used different tools to cut and polish the models to make them move as fast as possible. They also drew figures and patterns on their sports cars to make them look cool. After the final products were completed, the students used their own sports cars to compete in a race. Finally, LAI Sin Ka, LEE Chun Kit, LEUNG Josh Bennett and SO Yau Pei Ying of Class 3C won the championship with a speed of 32.3 kilometers per hour. The students were very committed to the activities and fully utilized the engineering design process to complete tasks and solve problems. Their participation and efforts are greatly appreciated.