Lam Tai Fai College

School Re-opening Ceremony 2018-2019

After the Summer Vacation, all the students and teachers looked refreshed and were ready to begin the new school year. The School Re-opening Ceremony was held on 3rd September 2018 at the Multi-purpose Stadium. All the students and teachers attended the Ceremony and everyone was excited about the new academic year.

Our Deputy Supervisor, Mr John Fan Kam Ping, BBS, JP, officiated the Ceremony and welcomed everyone on behalf of the IMC on the first day of school. He was excited to see new students and teachers joining our family. He introduced our new Principal, Mr. Tam Yat Yuk to the students.
Principal Tam mentioned five keys to succeed in school life. To succeed in school life, students should know the strengths and weaknesses of themselves, and develop their talents. They should have self-confidence, yet be humble to learn from others. He then mentioned the yearly theme: “Appreciation” and highlighted the importance of being grateful to others. He wished that students could make further progress in their studies and non-academic areas in the coming school year and have a joyful and fruitful school life.