Lam Tai Fai College

Congratulations to our alumna, Jansco Wan for being selected as one of the awardees in the Award Scheme for Learning Experiences, organized by Fashion Industry Training Advisory Committee

Jeanswest Fashion competition is one of the biggest fashion design competitions in China since 1993 which incubates young talents from more than 160 institutes in different provinces. The contest aims to nurture and encourage new generation designers to demonstrate their creative talent. It is one of the key projects in China Fashion Week and Guangdong Fashion Week. This year, the organizers received over 5600 applications.

We are glad to know our Visual Art graduate Jansco’s won the Certificate of Merit in this competitive fashion contest.


本校喜聞視藝科畢業生溫美儀(Jansco Wan)校友在芸芸參賽者中脫穎而出,在激烈競爭中榮獲南部分賽區優秀獎,在此恭賀溫校友,望繼續努力,再創高峰!



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