Lam Tai Fai College

Signing of MOU with Yang Young Digital High School (Korea)

Mr. Kum Dug Hyun, Principal of Yang Young Digital High School, together with three teachers and ten students visited our school on 18th and 19th January, 2018.

On the first day of their visit, our Principal, Mr. Wong Kwong Wai, Raymond, and Principal of Yang Young Digital High School, Mr. Kum Dug Hyun, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Yang Young Digital High School and Lam Tai Fai College.

The two schools have agreed to offer exchange programmes for students and staff from the two places to share knowledge and have cultural exchanges regularly. This cross-cultural collaboration aims to provide students of the two schools with an additional platform and more opportunities to facilitate students’ talent development in information technology and science.

After the MOU Signing Ceremony, Ms. Chan Wing Yin Celest, our Head of Administration, introduced our school background and our unique features to our guests. Mr. Kum and his teachers were taken on a guided campus tour and introduced to the first-class school facilities, including the indoor heated swimming pool, fitness centre, multi-purpose stadium and fashion centres at our College.

In the morning, students from Yang Young Digital High School attended Physical Education and Visual Arts lessons with our students. Students from the two schools learnt rope skipping in the PE lessons and tried tie-dying in the VA lessons together. During lunchtime, ten S4 LTFC ambassadors joined the Korean students to have lunch. All students shared their school life in an enthusiastic manner and have made friends with each other. In the afternoon, students from Yang Young Digital High School shared the Korean cultures with our students. They taught our students how to make and play Ddakji, a traditional South Korean game. Both the Hong Kong and Korean students enjoyed themselves.

On the second day, after our students had shared what they have learnt on the previous day, the Korean students and our students attended a Fai Chun writing workshop, conducted by Mr. Liu Chi Yeung, our Chinese Language teacher. They also visited the Hong Kong Heritage Museum together. It was a valuable opportunity for our students to exchange ideas with the Korean students during the museum visit. In the future, our school will continue to seek to create connections with overseas institutions and provide opportunities for our students and teachers to learn more from our counterparts from different cultures.