Lam Tai Fai College

Congratulations to our students for their achievements in The Lego Space Challenge 2016

We would like to express our congratulations to Pang Tsz Fung (S2C), Tang King Wa (S2C) and Lo Tsz Kin (S2B) who awarded the bronze prize in The Lego Space Challenge 2016.

The Competition was organized by the World Robot Olympiad Hong Kong on 22nd July 2016. The Competition aimed to promote creativity and imagination by using LEGO and logical development by using computer programming to control the movement of LEGO.

Students can learn the basics of gears, so students can build effective robots applying knowledge of physical science and mathematical principles. There are 9 individual Learning Missions that encourage students to investigate, observe, calculate and apply knowledge to solve specific tasks. Besides, discussions and projects designed to familiarize students with the planning and development for space exploration. All the 7 individual Missions where students apply and creatively adapt programming and problem-solving skills to construct robots that solve actual space exploration challenges.

One of the things that makes the new Space Challenge set so appealing to students is the fact that the three Challenge mission are 100% real. Developed together with actual space exploration engineers, they match three key problems that space researchers around the globe are striving to solve:

How to ensure humans can survive in space

How humans can create energy in space

How robots can help humans explore space

So a student’s first steps with science and robotics could eventually lead to the next leap forward in space exploration.