Lam Tai Fai College

In order to let our S5 Visual Art students know more about the design programmes offered by the Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI), our Visual Arts teachers took them to visit the HKDI graduation exhibition, “Emerging Design Talents 2016: POETRY” at the Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI) on 26th of June 2016.

The exhibition offers a platform for creative students to showcase their best work. It is an inspiration to both students and the audience that allows them to reflect on the relationship between Poetry, Technology and Thoughts. Supported by the advancement of technology, students’ imaginations can soar in a poetic way. Efforts poured into the works shone through expressing the young designers’ talents and thoughts.

Through a guided tour arranged by our school IMC Manager Professor Raymond Au and led by the HKDI professional teams, our students were introduced to various design disciplines in details, including Advertising Design, Creative Media, Fashion Design, Fashion Image Design, Film & TV, Publication Design & Print Media, Visual Communication and Information Technology.

Our students had a very fruitful visit; they got a comprehensive understanding of the different design disciplines.