Lam Tai Fai College


We were happy to welcome Ms. Chan Po Yin, the President and Ms. Chen Mi Na, the Vice-President, of The Joint Council of Parent-Teacher Associations of The Shatin District Ltd, who kindly visited our school on 3rd May, 2016.

During the visit, our Principal, Mr. Wong Kwong Wai, and our Assistant Principal, Dr. Lee Ching May introduced our school and unique features to them. They also highlighted the role and mission of our Parent-Teacher Association (PTA). Both of the honorable guests expressed their appreciation on the close relationship between our school and our PTA. In return, they shared their beliefs regarding the advantages of collaboration between school and parents, as well as the measures to support students to have all-rounded education and healthy development.

It was a great opportunity for our management to share the values of our school with these parent leaders. The sharing helped us to learn more about the effective ways of cooperation between school and parents, and how Hong Kong youth can capitalize on different opportunities associated with the support from school and families. In the future, our school will continue to provide more resources to our parents, students and teachers to enhance cooperation between parents and school!