Lam Tai Fai College


Our Liberal Studies Department has joined the “Rehabilitation Pioneer Project – The Reflective Path” organized by the Hong Kong Correctional Services Department on 7th March 2016. 31 students of our school visited the Ma Hang Prison in Stanley. It aims to enhance students’ knowledge of local legislative system and the work of correctional service.

Through the simulation of prison, our students were given a great opportunity to experience the life in correctional institutions where they gained an understanding of the detrimental effects of committing crimes. Students took part in several activities during the visit, such as mock court hearing, simulated reception procedures, custody in dormitories and single cells, simulated work groups and sharing session and so on.

The simulation and activities provided our students with first-hand learning experiences of the life in prison and the work of Correctional Services Department. The valuable experiences from the visit and activities in Ma Hang Prison have raised the students’ awareness of the impacts of committing crimes and developed better discipline and self-management skills in them.