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The 15th Anniversary of Lam Tai Fai College

This video brings you on a trip down memory lane, showcasing the achievements and growth of the school over the past 15 years. Sharings by our School Supervisor, IMC members, Principal, Deputy Principals, school staff and alumni, highlight the highly effective learning environment of LTFC brought about by the vast variety of learning experiences that the school offers.

School & Admission Information Session

This information session gives a detailed introduction to the school, as well as a step-by-step instruction of the admission procedure.

Parents' sharing

The mother of an S3 student shares with us the reason why she opted for Lam Tai Fai College for her son's pursuit of studies. The parent briefly introduced how the state of the art facilities promote his child's development as an athlete. Also, she shed light on and recognised the effort put by our faculty members on nurturing her son into a well-mannered, multi-talented and all-rounded person. With the dedication of our school, she is ensured that her son will turn into a responsible citizen in the future.

Campus life & Student Performance

The school aims to enrich students' school life by offering an array of activities. Academic-wise, each subject department organises educational activities to aid the application of theoretical knowledge. Targeting at the key learning, our school holds activities of rich diversity to manifest students' flair and celebrate their hard work. Our school particularly puts emphasis on passing on Chinese Culture to the next generation. Therefore, students often get exposed to Chinese History and its culture through programmes like Chinese Culture Day and Chinese Literature Lecture.

Student's sharing

S6 Student NG Chun Hei Maxx shares his school life at Lam Tai Fai College. In his sharing, he highlights the plentiful facilities that the school offers and how the opportunities and school policies help him gain exposure in different areas. He is also fond of learning and getting along with the professional, patient and pleasant staff members on campus.

Partnership School Programme (PSP)

LTFC believes that both academic excellence and athletic achievement are important to our student athletes. The Partnership School Programme (PSP), which was kick-started in 2015 to encourage students to develop in dual foci. The school deeply understands the challenges faced by our budding athletes, the school adopts various measures to cater to students' needs.

Virtual School Tour


Our school provides different kinds of first-rate facilities which sufficiently support our students to develop themselves into all-rounders and get them ready to cope with challenges in this ever-changing and dynamic society. Click this image to experience our state-of-the-art facilities in 360o.

This video allows you to visit LTFC from the first-person point of view. Our school provides different kinds of first-rate facilities which sufficiently support our students to develop themselves into all-rounders and get them ready to cope with challenges in this ever-changing and dynamic society.

Frequently asked questions:

  1. How does the school help students learn effectively in English?

    As an EMI school, all subjects except Chinese, Chinese History, Health Management & Social Care, Physical Education (DSE) and Citizenship & Social Development use English as the medium of instruction. To create an authentic environment to increase students‘ exposure to English, announcements, assemblies and school activities are all conducted in English. Our school also organises different English activities, such as English Week, Halloween activities, Easter Treasure Hunt, English Drama Club and Joint-school Speaking Practice to create opportunities for English speaking practice. Meanwhile, sharing with NET teachers and English teachers also makes students more confident in using the language. In order to cater to students’ learning diversity, students in need can enrol in English Reinforcement Classes in which students are provided with guidance from teachers to catch up with the syllabus. The English Department also hosts an array of activities in English Cafe and English Corner. Integrating activities with English acquisition, students are motivated to learn and practice using the language more.

  2. What is Life Education? How is it different from conventional subjects?

    Being the pioneer in the education field and catering to students’ needs, Life Education is the new subject introduced in the academic year 2020-2021. This subject puts emphasis on inculcating moral values in students, cultivating a positive outlook on life and fostering the nurture of virtues through discussing life-related issues and reflecting the worth and meaning of life. Besides, the subject also encourages students to put righteousness into action, be respectful and empathetic to others and exercise passion and optimism in life.

    The course includes five domains: highlighting affective education, establishing interpersonal relationships, understanding the meanings of life, respect and death. The lessons heavily draw attention to students’ experience. With the aid of videos, audios, other multimedia means and cooperation between different subjects, the course content designed is comprehensive and extensive.

  3. What Co-curricular Activities (CCA) does the school provide?

    The school names extracurricular activities as Co-curricular Activities (CCA). Through the participation in different societies, uniform groups and houses, we develop students' interests in multiple aspects, promote students’ understanding of themselves and social development, and guide students in goal settings. In addition, students have Life-wide Learning (LWL) lessons weekly. In pursuance of whole-personal development, students enjoy a variety of activities like language activities, leadership training, adventurous activities and community service.

  4. How does the school help students with their academic pathways?

    Our school offers flexible class arrangements and different combinations of electives. The elective subjects stretch across different disciplines, from traditional subjects in Business and Science to Visual Arts and Physical Education, so that students can develop in areas which match their passion and strengths. Furthermore, our school especially emphasises the importance of career education. In addition to providing students with consultant sessions on multiple pathways, the Careers Education Department also helps students with goal setting by cooperating with different subjects. We allow students to have a taste on different elective subjects in junior forms, which assists students in identifying their potentials and the adaption to the senior secondary syllabus.

  5. Is LTFC the right school if the student does not excel in Sports or Visual Arts?

    Although the school aims to unleash students’ potential and helps students in searching for their interests and aspirations by developing different focus learning areas, we also value students’ academic performance, cultivation of good habits and learning effectiveness and efficiency. Students who do not outperform in Sports and Visual Arts can further grow in these areas in school and their future pathways are bound to be golden and bright.

  6. How much is the yearly school fee for S1 students?

    The yearly school fee for S1 students in 2021-2022 is $36,000, which is paid in 10 instalments.

  7. Does the school offer any fee remission schemes?

    The school offers a School-based Fee Remission Scheme, for which the eligibility for application is similar to that of the government fee remission scheme. Most students who have successfully applied for the School Textbook Assistance Scheme subsidised by the Student Finance Office may be eligible for our School-based Fee Remission Scheme. The school also offers a scholarship for new S1 students, awarded to those with outstanding performances in academic studies, art and design, technology or sports.

  8. What are the criteria of admission?

    The school will make evaluations according to students’ interview performance, academic performance, language & communication skills, all-round knowledge, conduct & interpersonal relationship skills, learning attitude & motivation, as well as extracurricular activities. Parents’ and students’ understanding of our school mission and philosophy also attaches great importance to the school. We also especially value parents’ concern and care for the growth of their children, and hope to achieve an advantageous home-school partnership.

  9. How will students be notified in the case of successful admission?

    Students will be notified of the interview results via email. Successful applicants must come to the school to complete the registration procedure according to the dates given in the email. They must also submit students’ Primary 6 Student Record Form (issued by the EDB) and sign a letter of commitment.

  10. May students lunch outside of school?

    As a means to ensure students have a healthy and orderly campus life, all students must have lunch on campus. While the school has Cafeteria & Activities Centre, parents may also deliver meals to students if needed. At the same time, the school often provides a variety of lunchtime activities, which we hope will help students fully experience the joys of their school lives, and understand the importance of treasuring group interactions.

  11. Does the school offer school bus services?

    To date, our school offers the school bus service with pick-up and drop-off points along Tsuen Wan and Tsing Yi.

S1 Admission Application:

Please refer to S1 ADMISSION 2022-2023