Lam Tai Fai College

Objectives of Innovative technology

Unlike traditional course in Information Technology, our school-based programmes put particular emphasis on the study of innovation technology. Through a variety of projects and assignments, students will learn how to use Unity3D / Construct 2 to create games, Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 to design attractive web pages, Computer-Aided-Design soft wares like Blender and AutoDesk 123D to create 3D models and Photoshop to add special effects to photos.

Game-based learning
Though game based learning, student can understand abstract concepts easily.

  • Use different game engines / tools to teach students programming concepts like Microsoft Kudo, MIT Scratch, AppInventor2, Consturct2, Lego Mindstorms, Robocode and Unity to arouse their programming interest through game making.

    A game "Cat and Fish" created by students using Scratch

  • Teachers use different games like Cisco Aspire Game, self-developed Unity game - Escape from Motherboard, to teach different abstract concepts like computer system and networking.
    Use Cisco Aspire game to teach student networking knowledge

    Students can learn computer system concepts through designing self-developed 3D games

Students can learn more in the IT enhancement classes

  • IT enhancement classes
    • Game creation: Make simple games like Angry Bird, Flappy Bird and Fruit Ninja by using a programming tool Construct 2.
      A game "DSE Fighter" created by students using Construct 2

    • Programming: Through making a RPG game to learn Visual Basic.
      A RPG game developed by student using Visual Basic

    • Apps creation: Use App Inventor2 to make simple game like shooting game.
      A shooting game developed by student using App Inventor2

    • 3D graphic creation and printing: Use 123D to create 3D models and print it with 3D printer
    • Networking concept: Use Cisco Packet Tracer to design and test a network
  • Enhance teaching and learning
    • Join different programs provided by popular industrial companies to enhance students' knowledge like Cisco, Oracle and Microsoft
    • Visit different IT related companies to widen students' horizons