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The Awardee of the Technolgy Education Student Award --- Creative Fashion Design student Ho Man Yiu won the "Technology Education Student Achievement Award 2008"

S4 Creative Fashion Design student Ho Man Yiu won the "Technology Education Student Achievement Award 2008". The prize presentation ceremony was held on 7th November 2008 at the Central Resource Center, Education Bureau (EDB).
The "Technology Education Student Achievement Award 2008" was organized by the EDB which aimed to recognise the performance of students in realizing the aims of education and goals of school curriculum through learning in Technology Education. To cherish our educational goal, our school- based curriculum "Creative Fashion Design" serves as an innovative actualization of the Fashion, Clothing and Textile strand of Technology and Living in the Technology Education.

Students of LTFC proved their all-round excellence again and again. Nurturing talent is our goal, along with this their love for intellectual, aesthetic and physical development through our Focus-Area learning, that is, Fashion Design, Innovative Techology and Sports Science & Recreational Management. Therefore, our student, Ho Man Yiu was nominated for the award. Together with her fashion project, "The Olympics – from the Depths of My Heart", Man Yiu entered the selection. The whole process of the competition lasted for 7 months from April to November. There were altogether 80 entries. The best twenty students (or teams) were invited to present their projects in the "Technology Education Student Achievement Exhibition 2008" and interviewed by the judging panel. Ten from the best twenty students or teams were honoured the award.

The judging panel was fasinated by the beauty, originality and dynamism of Man Yiu's creative fashion work, "The Olympics – from the Depths of My Heart". The creativity, confidence as well as the all-out effort earned Man Yiu evident recognition from the panel of renowned educationalists. To our students, the project gave them the opportunity to discover their own talent for art, technology and creative fashion design.

What has been demonstrated when Man Yiu went up to receive the prize --- How versatile LTFC students are, an absolute testimony to the all-round education they receive! May we extend our warmest congratulations to Ho Man Yiu and to the students of LTFC!